RunBird Launch Day Numbers

RunBird GameRunBird hit the Apple App Store on June 9, 2015, a date I was unsure about being the second day of the annual WWDC in San Francisco, but most of the audience for this type of game were not going to be at the show, so I went ahead and pulled the trigger to launch.

The website was ready, the Twitter account was setup, the Facebook page was setup. So, how did launch day go?


Today’s app store report shows that we got 56 downloads on day 1, from 22 different countries. Of those, 47 went live in GameCenter (which was actually the closest to real-time way to watch how many downloads there were yesterday).


The analytics in the game suggested 66 sessions total, so a few people at least played it more than one time, and ~500 games were played.


There are two sharing components in RunBird; Twitter and Facebook. On launch day, there were 5 Facebook posts and 3 Twitter posts from the game.


The game also includes in-app purchases (for “extras points” that allow players to buys packs of pith helmets and/or flip-flops to protect them from two of the hazards in the game). Unsurprisingly, there were no in-app purchases on day 1.

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