RunBird: Game Over Causes

One of the key features when designing a new app of any kind is the addition of analytics to see how your real users end up using the app (which may be very different from the way you imagined!).

RunBird is no different, and the app includes analytics showing what screens users navigate to, and how long they spend there. Being a game, it also includes analytics on the score and the cause of the game ending, for every game played. For the first few days of RunBird usage, those causes look like this:

Game Over Reasons

As you can see, the overwhelming majority of games (70%) end because the user trips over (i.e. misses the strict alternating left/right sequence of taps required to keep the penguin running along the sand).

The score breakdown shows 75% of games ending with zero score, and 23.5% scoring between 1 and 10. The game is pretty hard when you start playing, and does require a fair amount of focus to maintain the strict left/right sequence of taps long enough to get a high score (all the time avoiding the falling coconuts).

Want to give it a shot and see if you can beat the stats?


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