“Fun game which is harder than you think”

“Fun game … once you get the hang of it!! Definitely worth a download!! P.S watch your head!!”

“Hey that’s actually pretty fun”


Help the lost penguin run along the beach. Pass as many palm trees as possible without tripping up, being knocked out by falling coconuts or being burned by the hot sand.

Earn flip-flops & pith helmets to help avoid the burning sand and falling coconuts.


  • Tapping with two fingers on the same hand (index & middle) seems to be easier for most people than using two hands.
  • Slow down between the palms to wait for the coconuts to fall, then race past the tree once they’ve all dropped
  • Use your earned points to buy helmets if you find yourself being knocked out by falling coconuts, or flip flops if you want to wait longer for the coconuts to fall.
  • Share your scores (good or bad) to Twitter and Facebook to earn extra points for each game.