A challenging new two-finger tapping game for iOS.

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SF Bay Ferry Times

Schedules & more for San Francisco Bay Area ferry services.

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Torpedo Alley

One button, 5 torpedoes, one target. How hard can it be?

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Coming soon:

Help the lost penguin run along the beach. Pass as many palm trees as possible without tripping up, being knocked out by falling coconuts or being burned by the hot sand.

Buy or earn flip-flops and/or pith helmets to help avoid the burning sand and falling coconuts.


SF Bay Ferry Times provides next boat, schedule, fare and terminal information for several San Francisco bay area ferries. Faster than trying to find the information on the web each time you need it, and always with you, even when you're offline.

Currently including scheduling information for:

  • Alameda/Oakland to San Francisco
  • Alameda/Oakland to South San Francisco
  • Alameda Harbor Bay to San Francisco
  • Vallejo to San Francisco
  • Blue & Gold services between Sausalito, Tiburon and San Francisco
  • Golden Gate Ferries services between Larkspur, Sausalito and San Francisco

Also includes schedule for SF Giants / ballpark ferries from Alameda/Oakland, Vallejo and Larkspur.

Access all the information online or offline, with near-instant load times. Avoid searching for the ferry service web site & hunting for the schedule you need.

If you don't see your route, please let us know via and we'll try to get it added in an update of the app.


One button, 5 torpedoes, one target. How hard can it be?

Time your torpedo launch to hit the target in one of its portals to destroy it. Watch out for the defending mini-subs that will try to sacrifice themselves to protect their mothership.

iPad players can opt to play against a friend using two player mode.